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You swing the door open to a cheap motel room after a long day of a hunt. It was suppose to be simple job of a ghost, easy salt and burn but things got a bit hairy when the ghost was not the only ghost, cause nothing can be simple in your line of work! So here you are limping to the back of the motel room.

"Great, there goes my last good shirt." you growl at yourself with a hiss as you grab your duffle bag.

"I swear to god, I'm going to kick those boys asses real good when I get back!" You say thinking out loud to yourself.

You usually work the famous Winchester boys but they thought you could handle this case yourself without them, they said they needed to keep focused to the nonsense that is going on with their lives.

You grumble to yourself trying to patch yourself up, but your head with starting to feel dizzy from blood lose.

''Come on _____, you got this! We're the awesome us we can do this!" You encourage yourself, even if your body was not convinced. Your hands were shaking with the needle and thread in at your finger tips.

It's always best to hunt with another just in case something stupid happen likes this. So the other can fix you up, and not by yourself with blood going everywhere.

"Oh dear, looks like you got yourself in quit the mess." You hear a familiar voice from over your shoulder.

"Why hello there Crowley." you say with a broken voice having barely enough strength to hold the needle in your hand. "Sorry I can't properly greet you, I having something else on my hands."

"Ahh dying and you still have your teasing ways with you." Crowley says taking a step toward you.

"Why are you here? Here to send me off." You look over at him with a smile smeared across your lips.

"I can’t just see one of the dear hunters that are not trying to kill me all the time" he asks with what almost sounded like a hurt tone. With a pause he added, "But you are right, the boys asked me to come to see how you were doing. Cas was weelll.... Busy with Dean. So here I am" He dragged out.

Crowley has been working with the boys long then you have, some reason not telling you why.

You let out a laugh, much to Crowley surprise. "They still think I can't do this by myself."

"Well serves them right love. Just look at you well, half way dead." He points out to you.

"Shut up and fix me already." you say softly but still with a hard tone. Knowing that he can, for sakes he's the King of Hell!

"Ah ah ah." He breaths out as he shakes his finger side to side. "Say it nicely and I just might." He says with the wicked smirk that he loves to show off.

You would argue with him, but at the moment you had no chose. You were starting to feel your eyes slowly drift off.

''Will you please be so kind and heal my wounds, my king?" you added the king part

He looked at you with a raised eyebrow. "I like that title coming out of your mouth for me." He places a hand on your shoulder and a heat went through my body healing my wounds. "You're welcome, _____" he adds when he gets done.

''Thank you." You reply back to him getting up.

''So what happen to you love?" He asked you moving over to a chair sitting down.

"Unexpected ghost. Had anger issues with the ladies." you inform him.

"Oh aren't those fun." he jokes conjuring up a bottle of whiskey up for himself. You let up a dry laugh while grabbing some clean cloths, -well somewhat clean-.

''Ohh am I getting a treat for fixing you dear?" He teases with his smirk growing wider.

"You wish you were that lucky." I say matter of factly as you set your clothes on the bed as you try to find your own shampoo in your bag.

"You have no idea love" Crowley says bring his glass to his lips, thinking that you didn't hear him. You look over at him thinking you just heard. You look him for a moment as he take a sip of his whiskey, you watch how his throat moves and how he his eyes are closed as he takes in his drink.

You close your eyes shut and looks to the side, shaking away any thoughts of him. "I'm going to take a shower" You inform him, see how you're still covered in your own blood.

"Enjoy" He says with a voice that made a chill run down your spine. You roll your eyes and go into the bathroom and start the water getting to be almost burning hot but not too much that it hurts, just the way you like it.

You giggle a little at a memory of Dean going in the shower after you and it was freezing cold from you taking all of the good water.

'Still going to kick his ass though' you sing in your head with a smile.

You slip of the damaged clothing only to stand in your bra and panties that had lace trimmings. You look at yourself in the mirror, looking the work the Crowley had performed for you. The wound was gone not even a scar in its place.

''Wow, he did a better job than Cas." You point out to yourself, impressed with his work. You take off the rest of your clothing with a shiver from the cold and quickly stepped into the shower.

You take in a sharp hiss as you feel the hot water hitting down your back, then allow it to calm your knots.

"Are you alright in there, love?" You hear Crowley yell from the other room with what almost sounded like concern.

"Yeah, just dandy! Hot water hit right on a sore area." you tell to try not to have him come in.

After moments of letting the water run over you, you ask yourself. "Why is he still here?"

It's not like you mind, just finding it odd. He's always been the type to flirt with you but nothing is beyond on that, even if you wouldn't mind to have him think of you as something more than friends.

You slapped you hands on your cheeks softly. "No, no! None of that. We don't want that" You try to convince yourself, 'But he is rather... hot.' You hear in your thoughts. "No, stopping that train of thought now." You say to yourself. "Great now I'm arguing with myself." you end with a sigh and hit your head on the tiled wall.

You shake your head and then start to wash your hair to get rid of the blood in it will return to its normal soft self. But once you get done rinsing out your hair the water has turn horribly cold.

"SHIT!" You hiss out as you turn off the water as fast as you can. You growl to yourself and grab a towel wrapping around you, muttering something about hating the cold.

You look around for your clothes, not seeing them in the bathroom. "Fuck, damn, shit!" you let out a string of curses as you remember that you left them out in the bedroom, where Crowley is.

'If I go out there, Crowley will see me naked, but if I ask him to bring me my clothes.... He might do something' you debate with yourself but either way, you didn't want to take a chance while he was still here.

"____, are you alright in there? You've been there for awhile now love." Crowley ask from what sounded like he was right at the door, this was confirmed by the door knob jiggling.

"Ye-yeah" Your voice squeaks locking the door quickly. "Don't come in though!" you yell towards him.

"What in the name are you doing in there dear? You're out of the shower what in the hell could you possibly be doing?" He asks sounding annoyed slightly. You slightly hear him ask himself why girls take forever in the bathroom.

"I'm just... Doing girl things!" You make up.

"Didn't need to know that!" he growls moving away. "Well anyways, I am going to head out. I'll tell the boys you are fine." He notifies you.

"Alright, travel safely" you say in a singing tone. With a rustle of wind Crowley is gone.

With a sigh you unlock the door and take a step out into the cold air. You wrap the towel tightly around you shivering still. You see your clothes on the bed, right where you forgotten them on.

Once you get used to the cold air you unwrap yourself out of it and started to put it around your hair so it would stop dripping on the floor and yourself.

However, you hear a similar rustle of wind and the next thing you know, Crowley is back in the middle of the room.

"Sorry Love, I forgot my drin-" His voice stops in mid sentences when he sees the state that you in, his mouth is slacked open slightly and eyes widen.

You let out a scream and grab yourself towel again and cover yourself. "CROWLEY!" you yell at him in a high pitch voice toward him. You feel a deep blush cover your cheeks.

Crowley tried to talk but he couldn't find the right words so just half words were coming out. You notice that he has his own blush to his face.

"Fuck it." He finally manages to say and goes up to you taking your face in his hands, then crashing his lips into yours.

Your eyes widen and your body freezes. Slowly you start to respond and push your lips against his. He seems pleased with your responds and slides his hands down to your waist, rubbing soft circles with his thumb.

You pull away from him to catch your breath; you feel your heart pounding out of your chest. ''Wh-where did that come from?" You ask him trying to avoid his eyes.

He takes your chin between his index and thumb to lift your gaze to his eyes. "You think I didn't notice those long gazes you give towards me, how you blush every time I come in the room or when I even touch you. You seem to fancy me love." He says in that deep voice that makes you feel like your knees are about to give way.

"I-I don't know what you mean." you laugh with your voice creaking. You know it's all true but he doesn’t need to know that.

"I can read your mind love, so no use to lie to me.'' he says with his lips an inch away from your own. You feel his breath passing your own. He was so close that you could smell the musky scents, whiskey, with a light under tone of sulfur with another that you couldn't but a finger quit on.

"It's very rude to read someone mind without their knowledge of it." You pointed out with a soft pout.

"Can't help it when you're think about how I look above you on the bed, so loudly." he brings up. If possible my blush grew brighter from his word.

"Well anyways" He dragged out, "I find myself fancying you as well. You seem catch my eyes, my dear." He adds before kissing you but this time softer than the other, slow and steady. You find yourself kissing him back and snaking your an around his neck while the other keeps the towel in place. You had to go slightly on your toes from him being a good amount taller then you.

Slowly he starts to deepen the kiss. He put his hand on the back of your head taking a fistful of your hair, causing you to moan at the sensation. You feel him smile against your lips then pull away from you, still having a grip on your hair.

"So I took action, see how you wouldn't anytime soon." He says with a large smirk showing off his white teeth.

You look away from him again. "I'm glad you did." you whisper softly holding the towel closer to your chest.

Crowley lets go of your hair and trail his hand down your arm and back up again. "You are, are you?" He asks his face in the nook of your neck laying kisses on your neck. You bite your lower lip to hold back a moan when the stubble on his cheek brushes against you.

"You are right, alright!" you mewl at him as he sucks softly at your pulse point. "I want you" You breathe out, feeling him run his teeth on your sensitive flesh.

"That what I thought love." He teases pulling away and putting his lips to yours, running his tongue across them. You let another moan from his touch. He takes his advantage to shove his tongue in your mouth. You let out a sigh to have him this close to you. You feel him exploring your mouth, pushing his tongue against your and the roof of your mouth.

You started to mimic his actions and curl your tongue with his. He wraps his finger around your hair once more with the other hand and the curve of your back brings you close to his chest.

This time you pull away from him, so you can get your breath and take in what is all happing. You look up at Crowley seeing that his eyes are filled with passion and desire. You take in deep breath to try and calm your heart that won't slow it pace.

"Well I have to say that was quite pleasant." he points out releasing your hair, taking your arm away from his neck. "But as sad as it is. I must be going off love. The boys will question, seeing how I told them I'm only here to grab this." He warns walking over to the left over whiskey bottle.

You let out a small whine from the lack of touch and warmth by you.

He looks over at you with a frown that slowly grows in a smile. "Don't make such sad noise love. It’s only a three hour drive back to Bobby's."He suggests. "Then we may continue from where we are leaving off." He adds in, but that just makes you craving him more.

He picks up the bottle and moves over to you. "One for the road love" He claims before putting another kiss upon your lips. You smile and kiss him back deeply filled with lust.

You both pull away at the same time. "Happy travels'' you say with a soft smile still displayed.

"I shall see you soon deary." He pecks your cheek and with that he is gone.

After the moment he is gone, you let yourself fall onto the bed. "Ohhhh, What have you gotten myself into this time _____?" you question putting your hands over your face, as you over play what just happened.

I wrote this cause I find Crowley a sexy beast! and I love him!
I will be writing more about this and there is going to be a shocking surprise in the third chapter or so. -evil grins-

I own nothing of this, Crowley belongs to the SPN family

I hope you all liked it, even if no one does I'm still going to write. I love it.
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I cant find part 2 can you give me a link please? I love this so far. I doubt Dean or Sammy will be to happy about it
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You captured his character perfectly!
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He needs more love lol
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Hi, I'm sorry but I can't seem to find parts two or three. Could you give me  a link?
Rawr-Means-I-Love-U Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course.
Here is Part Two: rawr-means-i-love-u.deviantart…

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InTheSilentDark Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
Thank you so much!!!! :iconitalyrollplz:
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AlchemistWitch14 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
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Dang right it is. XD
Flash-Shiranui Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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It's also somewhat adorable, depending on who it is.
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I'm so happy to hear that. I just got done writing chapter two. Proof reading them at the moment. Stay tune. 
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